My Mission

I love food and while they might call me Greedy Girl, I plan to be far from selfish and greedy as I share my favorite food finds in Las Vegas. I’ve had different relationships with food in my lifetime, but at the end of the day, I love how something tasty can bring a smile to my face.

When asked what my favorite food is, the best answer I can give is one borrowed from a DJ friend of mine. When asked his favorite type of music, he responded, all music. He said that if he didn’t have a respect for all music, how could he be a good DJ. Sure, there were songs and artist he preferred, and beats and rhythms that could instantly bring a smile to his face, but he respected all music, especially music created with heart and soul. He said, his idea of being a good DJ was giving the people what they want to hear and being able to move their soul and their feet. Well, I guess that’s how I see myself when it comes to my love of food and why I decided to write about it. So when someone asks, what my favorite food is, I answer, it’s the kind cooked with love, that hopefully makes your taste buds dance like you’re listening to your favorite song.

Some of the stuff you’ll find here:


Las Vegas has plenty of fabulous restaurants on the Strip, run by some of the top chefs in the world, but good restaurants in my book don’t have to come with a Michelin Star rating and they don’t need to be in a fancy hotel either. I think Las Vegas has some of the best food talent in the world and you might be surprised to find a lot of it in restaurants and bakeries located off the Strip. This is the food world I love navigating and sharing.


I like to eat out, a lot! When you eat out as much as I do and eat as many different types of food as I do, your taste buds won’t let you return to boring, even if you’re in your own kitchen. I think there’s no excuse for not eating fabulous at home, but I think many people think it’s hard to create great meals in their own kitchens. I love recreating some of my favorite restaurant flavors, in my own kitchen and can help you do the same.

Food News and Cool Food Finds

Because my love for food goes beyond just cooking and eating.


P.S. Unless otherwise noted, I’m not being endorsed by any restaurant, store or product. I hope to share my favorite things because I think they’re good, not because someone has paid me to think they’re good.

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