Best Ice Cream in Annapolis

Ok, so I’ll admit, I haven’t tried all the ice cream shops in Annapolis. To be honest I haven’t tried most of them, but I have eaten my fair share of ice cream and can say that Annapolis Ice Cream Company has some good ice cream.

We stumbled upon this place on the second day of my visit. My mom and I decided to walk along Main Street, in downtown Annapolis. The day I arrived, it was gloomy, overcast and wet, but today was much sunnier and warmer. The sunny day, combined with the stroll down Main Street, made a perfect backdrop for some ice cream. There are several ice cream places located in historic Annapolis, but the sign that read “Our ice cream is made right here,” caught my attention and drew me into Annapolis Ice Cream Company.

All of the ice cream at Annapolis Ice Cream Company is made on site and they offer such unique and delectable flavor choices as Apple Pie, Blackberry Cobbler and Brownie Batter. I opted for the Brownie Batter because who doesn’t love brownie batter. They give you the option of mixing flavors, either with multiple scoops or within one scoop. A mixed scoop sounded liked the way to go, but I wanted to make sure I picked a flavor that complemented the Brownie Batter. Strawberry sounded fitting but I wanted to get professional advice, so I asked the lady serving the scoops. As I mentioned to her my intentions of combining Strawberry and Brownie Batter for my scoop, her eyes began to melt into the back of her head, as a smile developed on her face. At that moment, I knew I had picked a winning combination.

My scoop of Brownie Batter and Strawberry. No skimping here.

The Brownie Batter ice cream tastes exactly like fresh chocolate brownie batter that’s been mixed into vanilla ice cream. Combining it with strawberry, was like having a chocolate covered strawberry in ice cream form. The only trick was making sure I got a little bit of both flavors in each spoonful.

As I sat down to enjoy my scoop, I noticed a sign on the table that read: “Only the real stuff…” It basically explains what your taste buds will encounter at Annapolis Ice Cream Company, flavors made from real strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, real sugar, not that stuff from corn, cream from cows not treated with hormones, and no preservatives, exactly the way I like my ice cream.

Decorated spoons on display

So the next time you’re in Annapolis, I highly recommend you check out Annapolis Ice Cream Company, they serve up nothing but the good stuff.

P.S. They make cakes too.


While in Annapolis, my mom and I also enjoyed Lemongrass and Reynolds Tavern, two other places we visited, on our gastronomic adventure in Annapolis. Click the links to read about our time there.


Annapolis Ice Cream Company


196 Main Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

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Annapolis Ice Cream Company on Foodio54


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