Annapolis, Here We Come

This past mother’s day, I decided I would surprise my mom with the best gift I could give her, me! I live over 2,000 miles away from my mom, and between the price of airplane tickets, finding someone to watch GiGi, and taking time off, I get home only about once a year. This means that my mom misses our mother daughter time, which if you can guess, is often spent eating, maybe a little shopping with a camera always close in hand.

Up until about a year ago, most trips home to Washington, DC were pretty routine, and then my Mom moved to Annapolis. While Annapolis is only about a 40-minute drive away from DC, it’s such a world away. Growing up, I had several friends’ whose parents’ either owned houses in Annapolis or rented them during the summer months. Annapolis was always a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city, a summer retreat.

When my mom first moved there, that summer retreat feeling was a welcomed change of pace from the daily grind in DC, but then it grew old. The last time I went to visit her, shortly after she’d moved to Annapolis, we were either in Baltimore or DC, never really taking the time to see what Annapolis had to offer. After hearing my mom wine about how there’s nothing to do in Annapolis, I was determined to find some action for her. This trip, instead of running away to DC or Baltimore, we stayed in Annapolis for the most part, and were very happy with the things we discovered.

While I might have missed out on a great “foodie” weekend in Las Vegas (San Gennaro Feast, an expanded Vegas Streets, Back of House Brawl and Vegas Uncorked), I got to spend a great week with my mom, savoring some wonderful food finds in Annapolis. Below, are some photos I snapped while walking thru the city, and stayed tuned for the gastronomic highlights of my trip. Enjoy!

Maryland State House

The Chesapeake Bay

Horn Point Street End Park


Annapolis Past-I

Annapolis Past-II


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