Happy Good Eats in 2012

Another year is behind us and with its passing comes time to reflect on things we can do better in the New Year. This leads me to one of my New Year’s resolutions. I resolve to make better food choices and help the people around me do so too. This doesn’t mean that I want everyone to run out and become a vegan or only eat grass fed beef, but what it does mean is that I want people to be informed about what they’re putting on their tables and in their bodies.

One of my favorite things to do has always been eating. My love for food is what led me to start writing this blog. When I first started Greedy Girl in Las Vegas, my main goal was to highlight my favorite restaurants in the Las Vegas valley, and maybe feature a few recipes. To make sure I was never at a loss for post ideas, I subscribe to a few Google alerts and started following certain sites on Twitter. What I got was more information than I could imagine on how the industrial food system in America works. We no longer live in a world where animals roam pastures and where we eat what was grown at a farm down the road. I consider myself a pretty educated individual, but I had no idea about the process that our food takes before it lands on our table; let alone the effects this process has on our health, our environment and the people who help get it to our tables. This information has led me to make different choices than I once did while walking down the aisles of the grocery store.

So what exactly does eating better mean to me? It means being able to enjoy real food, not a bunch of chemicals, and not breaking the bank while you do it. In addition, it means making informed decisions about what you’re buying and putting in your bodies. I also want everyone to be able to participate. So maybe on Meatless Monday you start by telling them to hold the meat and order a grilled cheese at In-N-Out, if an organic salad from Whole Foods isn’t an option.

So Happy Good Eats in 2012! And look forward to more post, on a more regularly basis, now that I’m finished with school.

3 thoughts on “Happy Good Eats in 2012

  1. Thanks for your wise words for 2012. Definitely food for thought and a new beginning toward paying attention to the quality and type of foods we ingest. I enjoyed reading it and hope that I can become more aware and thoughtful about eating to live.

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