Holy Cow, Shakes and Buns

I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but something special happened in Las Vegas that inspired me to get back to writing about my favorite thing, food. Wednesday night was the grand opening of The Cosmopolitan. In total, The Cosmopolitan boasts 13 eateries. On opening night, one of my friends made reservations at Holsteins, a high-end burger joint at The Cosmopolitan.

The Gold Standard

After looking over the menu, I decided on the Gold Standard Burger, your classic cheeseburger with a twist. My burger, dry aged beef sirloin to be exact, arrived grilled to a perfect medium well. The Gold Standard spoke to the concept of Holsteins, premium burgers with premium ingredients. No processed American cheese on this burger, only aged cheddar, and hold the ketchup because this burger comes with house made tomato confit. The garlic chive aioli also offered a nice kick. Burgers come with either shoestring or steak fries but you can opt for the duck fat fries, which I suggest. I ordered a side of Smashed Potatoes, which actually weren’t smashed but rather baked fingerling potatoes covered in melted cheddar cheese and bacon, served with a side of scallion aioli. The scallion aioli was the highlight of the Smashed Potatoes for me. While I enjoyed the Gold Standard, I would also suggest the Longhorn, which my friend ordered. The burger is topped with everything you’d want at your bbq: brisket, BBQ sauce and Cole slaw. The Rising Sun is also worth trying. It really captures Japanese flavors in a burger. The burger itself is made of Kobe beef, covered in a teriyaki glaze and sprinkled with nori furikake, a traditional Japanese rice seasoning, then it’s topped with crispy yams, spicy mayo and a tempura battered slice of avocado.

Coffee and Donuts

If you have room for dessert, you have to try the Coffee and Donuts. What you’ll get is a cup of espresso chocolate “soup” with mini marshmallows and a side of bombolinis, Italian donut wholes with a lemon, vanilla or gingerbread filling. I definitely see late night cravings for bombolinis and chocolate espresso in my future.

Holsteins menu isn’t up on their website yet, but it include items besides burgers. You’ll find duck tacos, various house made sausage and dogs. And for you non-meat eaters or “grazers” they have salads and an Urth Burger, a vegan patty that comes in a tiny bun and a full size version. You can also build your own burger if one of their selections doesn’t interest you. And I can’t forget Holsteins alcohol spiked Bam-boozled Milkshake, which I’ll have to try on my next visit.



Inside The Cosmopolitan

3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109Holsteins Cow

Holstein's (Cosmopolitan) on Urbanspoon
Holsteins - The Cosmopolitan on Foodio54


3 thoughts on “Holy Cow, Shakes and Buns

  1. The person who wrote the above “perfectly written” comment must work or own the restaurant? Way to much information, and food for just her and her friend But, it did peak my interest so I tried it and was really disappointed !! which inspired me to write one as well.

    • Blaine, I don’t work or own the restaurant, I’m actually a student who writes a blog about food in Las Vegas as a hobby. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the restaurant, but thanks for the compliment on my writing. We went on opening night so they might have put their best foot forward since I know there were VIPs and stuff in the building that night. I usually like to go to a restaurant a couple of times before I write about it, since one of the most important things about a good restaurant is consistency. I put this post up so quickly since the restaurant had just opened, but maybe I should have waited. You’re not the only person who I’ve heard complain about the service. Hopefully they’ll get it together.

      • Thanks for your honesty. You do write very well and should think about being a food critic it sound to me. Best of Luck.

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